Love Forever Music is a specialized bereavement music service organized by violinist Grace Rodgers. Inspired by her late grandfather who was a funeral director and funeral home owner, Grace is passionate about and well versed in providing music for your family during this difficult time.

Honor your loved ones by having our musicians perform for your service. Whether it be integrating music at key moments throughout a funeral service, or providing background music during visitations, our musicians are here to help. Through solo violin, string ensembles, or another instrumentalist, Love Forever musicians are committed to creating a comforting and special environment with our music.

Love Forever Music is based in Los Angeles, and provides a variety of music and ensemble options for your bereavement needs. Please visit the MUSIC page to learn more.


String Quartet for funeral music in Los Angeles
  • A wide variety of music genres and ensemble options to accommodate your special requests

Violinist for funeral music in Los Angeles
  • Expert assistance in every step of planning your music

Violin and Guitar duo for funeral music in Los Angeles
  • Well versed in standard practices for funeral services

Contact us to discuss your special requests or to explore your options.